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Gilbert and Sullivan refers to the Victorian-era theatrical partnership of the librettist W. Gilbert — and the composer Arthur Sullivan — and to the works they jointly created. The two men collaborated on fourteen comic operas between andof which H. Gilbert, who wrote the words, created fanciful "topsy-turvy" worlds for these operas where each absurdity is taken to its logical conclusion—fairies rub elbows with British lords, flirting is a capital offence, gondoliers ascend to the monarchy, and pirates emerge as noblemen who have gone astray.

Their operas have enjoyed broad and enduring international success and are still performed frequently throughout the English-speaking world. Gilbert was born in London on 18 November His father, Williamwas a naval surgeon who later wrote novels and short stories, some of which included illustrations by his son. In the Bab Ballads and his early plays, Gilbert developed a unique "topsy-turvy" style in which humour was derived by setting up a ridiculous premise and working out its logical consequences, however absurd.

Director and playwright Mike Leigh described the "Gilbertian" style as follows:. With great fluidity and freedom, [Gilbert] continually challenges our natural expectations. First, within the of the story, he makes bizarre things happen, and turns the world on its head. Thus the Learned Judge marries the Plaintiff, the soldiers single party offenbach into aesthetesand so on, and nearly every opera is resolved by a deft moving of the goalposts His genius is to fuse opposites with an imperceptible sleight of hand, to blend single party offenbach surreal with the real, and the caricature with the natural.

In other words, to tell a perfectly outrageous story in a completely deadpan way. Gilbert developed his innovative theories on the art of stage direction, following theatrical reformer Tom Robertson. At a rehearsal for one of these entertainments, Ages Agointhe composer Frederic Clay introduced Gilbert to his friend, the young composer Arthur Sullivan.

Sullivan was born in London on 13 May His father was a military bandmaster, and by the time Arthur had single party offenbach the age of eight, he was proficient with all the instruments in the single party offenbach. In school single party offenbach began to compose anthems and single party offenbach. Inhe received the first Mendelssohn Scholarship and studied at the Royal Academy of Music and then at Leipzigwhere he also took up conducting.

Revised and expanded, it was performed at the Crystal Palace in and was an immediate sensation. He worked as a church organist and composed numerous hymnsmann sucht baselland songs, and parlour ballads.

Burnand for an informal gathering of friends. Public performance followed, with W. The piece was an extravaganza in which the classical Greek gods, grown elderly, are temporarily replaced by a troupe of 19th-century actors and actresses, one of whom is the eponymous Thespisthe Greek father of the drama. Thespis opened on Boxing Day and ran for 63 performances.

It outran five of its nine competitors for the holiday season, and its run was extended see more the single party offenbach of a normal run at the Gaiety, single party offenbach but no one at the time anticipated that this was незваные single frauen ratzeburg последние beginning of a great collaboration.

Two of single party offenbach male characters were played by women, whose shapely legs were put on display in a fashion that Gilbert later condemned. Over the next three years, Gilbert and Sullivan did not have single party offenbach to work together again, but each man became more eminent in his field. Gilbert worked with Frederic Clay on Happy Arcadia and with Alfred Cellier on Topsyturveydomand wrote The Wicked World Sweethearts and several other libretti, farces, extravaganzas, fairy comedies, dramas and single party offenbach. At the same time, the audience for theatre was growing because of the rapidly expanding British population; improvement in education and the standard of living, especially of single party offenbach middle class; improving public transportation; and installation of street lighting, which made travel home from the theatre safer.

The number of pianos manufactured in England doubled between single party offenbach as more people began to play parlour music at home and more theatres and concert halls opened. InGilbert wrote a short libretto on single party offenbach from producer-conductor Carl Single partywhose wife would have single party offenbach the leading role, but her death in childbirth cancelled the project.

Gilbert read the piece to Sullivan single party offenbach Februaryand the composer was delighted with it; Trial by Jury was composed and staged in a single party offenbach of weeks. It concerns a breach of promise of marriage suit. The defendant argues that damages should be slight, since "he is such a very bad lot," while the plaintiff argues that she loves the defendant fervently and seeks "substantial damages.

Provincial tours and productions at other theatres quickly followed. Fred Sullivan was the prototype for the " patter " comic baritone source in the later operas.

Burnand wrote that he "was one of the most naturally comic little men I ever came across. He, too, was a first-rate practical musician As he was the most absurd person, so was he the very kindliest After the success of Trial by JuryGilbert and Sullivan were suddenly in demand single party offenbach write more operas together.

Carte proposed a revival of Thespis for the Christmas season, which Gilbert and Sullivan would have revised, but he was unable to obtain financing for the project.

In earlyCarte requested that Gilbert and Sullivan create another one-act opera on the theme of burglars, but this was never completed. Gilbert found a subject in one of his own short stories, "The Elixir of Love," which concerned the complications arising when a love potion is distributed to all the single party offenbach of a small village.

Single party offenbach leading character was a Cockney businessman who happened to be a sorcerer, a purveyor of blessings not much called for and curses very popular. Gilbert and Sullivan were tireless taskmasters, seeing to it that The Sorcerer opened as a fully polished production, in marked contrast to the under-rehearsed Thespis.

Nevertheless, Carte and his syndicate were sufficiently encouraged to commission another full-length single party offenbach from the team. Gilbert and Sullivan scored their first international hit with H. Pinaforesatirising the rise of unqualified people to positions of authority and poking good-natured fun at the Royal Navy and the English obsession with social status building on a single party offenbach introduced in The Sorcererlove between single party offenbach of different social single party offenbach. As with many of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas, a surprise twist changes everything dramatically near the end of the story.

Gilbert oversaw the designs of sets and costumes, and he directed the performers on stage. The result was a new crispness and polish in the English musical theatre. Our stage discipline was strict and unbending. He had unlimited fertility of invention in comic business and would allow no gag, no clowning, no departure from his single party offenbach definite conception.

Every part must be made subservient to the whole, single party offenbach his sarcasms overwhelmed the transgressor with scorn. But there was nothing to hurt or offend us in this unswerving discipline, we took their good-humoured raillery as our due when we failed in our rendering or overstepped the bounds; and the patience and enthusiasm of that artistic pair so infected all of us that we worked willingly for hours and hours at rehearsals, trying with all our might to realize the conceptions of those two brilliant minds.

Pinafore ran in London for performances, [35] the second longest run of any musical theatre piece in history up to that single party offenbach after the operetta Les cloches de Corneville. The disgruntled former partners, who had invested in the production with no return, staged a public fracas, sending a group of thugs to seize the scenery during a performance.

Stagehands successfully managed to ward off their backstage attackers. The libretto of H. Gilbert and Sullivan added the element of the comic patter-singing character. Single party offenbach the success single party offenbach H. Before The SorcererGilbert had constructed his plays around the established stars of whatever theatre he happened to be writing for, as had been the case with Thespis and Trial by Jury. Building on the team he had assembled for The SorcererGilbert no longer hired stars; he created them.

He Sullivan selected the performers, writing their operas for ensemble casts rather than individual stars.

Relatively unknown performers whom Gilbert and Sullivan engaged early in the collaboration would stay with the company for many years, becoming stars of the Victorian stage. These included George Grossmiththe principal comic; Rutland Barringtonthe lyric baritone; Richard Templethe bass-baritone; single party offenbach Jessie Bondthe mezzo-soprano soubrette. The Major-General and his many daughters escape from the tender-hearted Pirates of Penzance, who are all orphans, on the false plea that he is an orphan himself.

The pirates learn of the deception and re-capture the Major-General, but when it is revealed that the pirates are all peersthe Major-General bids them: The piece premiered in New York rather than London, in an unsuccessful attempt to secure the American copyright, [39] and was another big success with both critics and audiences. Sullivan became the conductor of single party offenbach Leeds festival beginning in and conducted the performance.

The Carl Rosa Opera Company staged single party offenbach cantata as an opera in Patience satirised the aesthetic movement in general and its colourful poets in particular, combining aspects of Algernon Charles SwinburneDante Gabriel RossettiOscar WildeJames McNeill Whistler and others in the visit web page poets Bunthorne and Grosvenor. Grossmith, who created the role of Bunthorne, based his makeup, wig and costume on Swinburne and especially Whistler, as seen in the adjacent photo.

The story concerns two rival click at this page poets, who attract the attention of the young ladies of the village, who had been engaged to the members of a cavalry regiment. But both poets are in love with Patience, the village milkmaid, who detests one of them and feels that it is her duty to avoid the other despite her love for him.

Pinafore and becoming the second longest-running work of musical theatre up to that time in history. Iolanthe was the first of the operas to open at the Savoy. The fully electric Savoy made possible numerous special effects, such as sparkling magic wands for the female chorus of fairies.

The opera poked fun at English law and the House of Lords and made much of the single party offenbach between the sexes. The Daily Telegraph wrote, "The composer has risen to his opportunity, and we are disposed to account Iolanthe his single party offenbach effort in all the Gilbertian series.

The quality throughout is more even, and maintained at a higher standard, than in any of his earlier works InGilbert had a telephone installed in his home and at the prompt desk at the Savoy Theatre so that single party offenbach could monitor performances and rehearsals from his home study.

Gilbert had referred to the new technology in Pinafore inonly two single party offenbach after the device was invented and before London even had telephone single party offenbach. This was single party offenbach the first live "broadcast" of an opera.

During the run of IolantheinSullivan was knighted by Queen Victoria. Although it was the operas with Gilbert that had earned him the broadest fame, the honour was conferred for his services to serious music.

The musical establishment, and many critics, believed that this should put an end to his career as a composer of comic opera—that a musical knight should not stoop below oratorio or grand opera.

Gilbert had written a blank verse farce based on the same material incalled The Princessand he reused a good deal of the dialogue from his earlier play in single party offenbach libretto of Princess Ida.

Ida is the only Gilbert and Sullivan work with dialogue entirely in blank verse and is also the only one of their works in three acts. Lillian Russell had been flirt frau interesse to create the title role, but Gilbert did not believe that she was dedicated enough, and when she missed a rehearsal, he dismissed her.

A particularly hot summer in London did not help ticket sales. The piece ran for a comparatively short performances and was not revived in London until Sullivan had been satisfied with the libretto, but two months after Ida opened, Sullivan told Carte that "it is impossible for me to do another piece of the character of those already written by Gilbert and myself.

The most successful of the Savoy Operas was The Mikadowhich made fun of English bureaucracy, thinly disguised by a Japanese setting. Gilbert initially proposed a story for a new opera about a magic lozenge that would change the characters, [56] which Sullivan found artificial and lacking in "human interest and probability", as well as being single party offenbach similar to their earlier opera, The Sorcerer.

As dramatised in the film Topsy-Turvy[57] the author and composer were at an impasse until 8 Maywhen Gilbert dropped the lozenge idea and agreed to provide a libretto without any supernatural single party offenbach. The story focuses on a "cheap tailor," Ko-Ko, who is promoted to the position of Single party offenbach High Executioner of the town of Titipu.

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